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What does it take to be a GMAT Winner?

What does it take to be a GMAT Winner?If you think it is only knowledge that will make you a GMAT Winner, think
again. Knowledge can only take you so far!

There are scores of Math graduates and even PhDs who have not managed to get a 99 percentile in the GMAT.

Taking my own example. I am an Engineer by education and I had taught college level maths before taking my GMAT.

However, I still managed to get only a 97 percentile in maths!! The point is that knowledge by itself is not sufficient to
ace the GMAT.

You need the other ‘intangible’ qualities & smart Studying Strategies to make the thing work.

In this Website, I have attempted to share my GMAT experience for your benefit.

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How I went from 690 to 780

I must admit, the first time that I took the full GMAT test, I was very nervous. I had put in about a months preparation
but just wasn't sure if I had studied the right way.

At that time, I was teaching college level math so was not too worried about the quant section. And I considered myself
sufficiently prepared in Verbal as well.

At the end of the exam however, I was shocked to see a score of just 690.

Mind you, at this stage, I could have easily given up any chances of getting into a Top 10 school. In fact this was one
of those 'Turning Point' situations that separate the Winners from the also-rans.

Instead of giving up and letting go, I decided to pursue my dreams with renewed vigour.

Getting a below 700 score inspite of being well prepared was confidence shattering. Within me, I knew that if I could
somehow make some changes in the way I study and the way I think about the GMAT, I could get that winning edge
that so many 'average' students had done.

I sat down and thought really hard about how the Winners actually do it. I actually spoke to a few people who had done
really well in the GMAT and requested them to take me through their study plans in detail, what they did, what they
thought, which books they studies from and all the rest of it.

One of the most important things I learnt was that at the 700+ level, the GMAT becomes a battle of the mind rather
than knowledge. Most students at this level already know most of what they need to know, it is the inner battle they
need to win from here onwards.

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and which ones worked for me, and my D Day experience.

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